In honor of National Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase inspiring stories about the HEROES in our lives. Life can be overwhelming. How do we find the courage and strength to keep going?
Our diverse lineup of storytellers will share stories of personal loss, triumph, and courage, and range in age from 17-65.
Jenny Forrester is the author of Narrow River, Wide Sky; A Memoir. She’s also the curator of the Unchaste Reader series in Portland. She will be signing copies of her new book during the ROAR intermission.
Debra Jenkins is a social justice advocate, consultant, teacher, intercultural coach, creator of the “IST of an ISM”-an activity in power, privilege, and equity status, and founder of Share The Flame, where she guides individuals and groups through the pathway of growth, development, and change. 
Sharon “Shay” Knorr is an actor, producer, director, storyteller, singer, playwright, and author. She is the founder of Solo Speak and produces a months storytelling series in Portland called Nevertheless, We Persist – Stories by Women. 
Miss Led is a gender queer parent, activist, artist, actor, children’s author, and storyteller from New Orleans, LA. Since arriving in Portland in 2016, she’s been entertaining the locals at a variety of venues. 
Selena Maestas is healing hearts worldwide as the founder of the Love YOU More Project.  With a background in the medical, fitness, and wellness fields and personal experience of loss, illness, and people-pleasing, Selena is an insightful and nurturing life coach helping hundreds of people over the last 12 years to heal the most important relationship: the one with themselves. 
Skye Edwards is a 17-year-old student at Fort Vancouver High School. She is a daydreaming feminist who believes equality should be a way of life. She hopes to make a difference in her world through writing. 


Thursday, 03/22/18 7:30 PM

$15 in advance, $20 day of show. Special $10 tickets at the door for high school students with valid i.d.