For the 13th consecutive year (the 5th at the Kiggins), Shorts HD and Magnolia Pictures present the Oscar-Nominated Short Films! With all three categories offered – Animated, Live Action and Documentary – this is your annual chance to predict the winners (and have the edge in your Oscar pool)! A perennial hit with audiences around the the world, don’t miss this year’s selection of the otherwise hard to track town shorts!
The Academy Awards take place Sunday, March 4. For more details on the films and the programs, click here. Click the highlighted showtimes to the right to find out the showtimes for each program.
All four programs will repeat starting on February 23rd!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the nominees are…”
ANIMATED SHORTS (Running Time: 83 minutes) This program will show Saturday the 24th at 3:30pm, Sunday the 25th at 5:50pm and Tuesday at 7:50pm. Additional shows will be added the weekend of March 2nd!
*Dear Basketball – Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant, USA, 5 minutes
*Negative Space – Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, France, 5 minutes
*Lou – Dave Mullins and Dana Murray, USA, 7 minutes
*Revolting Rhymes – Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer, UK, 29 minutes
*Garden Party – Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon, France 7 minutes
*Lost Property Office (bonus film)
*Weeds (bonus film)
*Achoo (bonus film)
DOCUMENTARY SHORTS PROGRAM A (Running Time: 102 minutes) They will return this weekend on Friday at 4:40pm and Monday at 3:40pm.  Additional shows will be added the weekend of March 2nd!
*Traffic Stop – Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, USA, 30 minutes
*Edith + Eddie – Laura Checkoway and Thomas Lee Wright, USA, 29 minutes
*Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 – Frank Stiefel, USA, 40 minutes


LIVE ACTION SHORTS (Running Time: 99 minutes) – This Program will show Monday the 19th at 8:20pm,  Sunday the 25th at 1pm and Tuesday the 27th at 3:30pm. Additional shows will be added the weekend of March 2nd!
*DeKalb Elementary – Reed Van Dyk, USA, 20 minutes
*The Silent Child – Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton, UK, 20 minutes
*My Nephew Emmett – Kevin Wilson, Jr., USA, 20 minutes
*The Eleven O’Clock – Derin Seale and Josh Lawson, Australia, 13 minutes
*Watu Wote/All of Us – Katja Benrath and Tobias Rosen, Germany, 22 minutes

DOCUMENTARY SHORTS PROGRAM B (Running Time: 82 minutes) – This Program show Monday the 19th at 6:30pm, Tuesday the 20th at 3:30pm, Saturday the 24th at 7:40pm and Monday the 26th at 5:50pm.  
Additional shows will be added the weekend of March 2nd!
*Heroin(e) – Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Kerrin Sheldon, USA, 39 minutes
*Knife Skills – Thomas Lennon, USA, 40 minutes


Friday, 02/23/18 4:40 PM
Saturday, 02/24/18 3:30 PM
Saturday, 02/24/18 7:40 PM
Sunday, 02/25/18 1:00 PM
Sunday, 02/25/18 5:50 PM
Monday, 02/26/18 3:40 PM
Monday, 02/26/18 5:50 PM
Tuesday, 02/27/18 3:30 PM
Tuesday, 02/27/18 7:50 PM

Day of show tickets $10. Advance tickets $7.  Monday all seats are $6. Full series pass available for $30 and good for any walk-up show (a savings of up to $2.50 per film). Available at our box office or concession stand during our regular hours.

Oscar Shorts Pass 2018