Join the Kiggins Theatre and our friends at Niche Wine Bar as we continue our Noir Nights film series pairing film noir classics with a pre-show tasting featuring three wines influenced by the films!
Next up on ¬†September 8th we’re setting sail for KEY LARGO in which Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall star in a torrid romance directed by the legendary John Huston.
When a gang of thugs takes over a hotel in the Florida Keys, a showdown looms as a Hurricane heads for the island. Based on the play by Maxwell Anderson KEY LARGO won Claire Trevor an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Then on October 13th Michael Curtiz directs John Garfield, Patricia Neil and Wallace Ford in his take on the Ernest Hemingway story THE BREAKING POINT.
In it, an otherwise moral captain of a charter boat becomes financially strapped and is drawn into illegal activities in order to keep up payments on his boat.


And on November 10th, we have 1948’s ROAD HOUSE! At a seedy nightclub and bowling alley near the Canadian border, owner Jefty Robbins (Richard Widmark) is in love with his new cabaret singer, Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino), who only has eyes for Jefty’s best friend, bar manager Pete Morgan (Cornel Wilde). Although he tries to keep his distance, Pete soon falls for Lily’s charms. But when the couple tries to run away together, Jefty and jealous cashier Susie Smith (Celeste Holm) conspire to frame them for a crime they didn’t commit.


Sun, 10/13/19 tix7:30 PM
Sun, 11/10/19 tix7:30 PM

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