Our popular Noir Nights film series is back!

On August 9th join us for Howard Hawks’ 1946 thriller THE BIG SLEEP, in which L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) takes on a blackmail case…and follows a trail peopled with murderers, pornographers, nightclub rogues, spoiled rich and more. Hawks serves up snappy character encounters (particularly those of Bogart and Lauren Bacall), brisk pace and atmosphere galore.

Then on September 13th we have Tay Garnett’s classic THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE in which married woman (Lana Turner) and a drifter (John Garfield) fall in love, then plot to murder her husband.

On October 11th join us for Robert Aldrich’s noir classic KISS ME DEADLY in which private detective Mike Hammer (Ralph Meeker) picks up a hitchhiker who’s standing on the highway wearing only a trench coat. They’re stopped farther on by strangers who knock out Mike and murder the young woman. Although warned not to investigate by the police, Mike and his girlfriend and assistant, Velda (Maxine Cooper), become ensnared in a dark plot involving scientist Dr. Soberin (Albert Dekker) and Christina’s terrified roommate, Lily (Gaby Rodgers).

And on November 8th, Bogart returns as an engineer trapped in an unhappy marriage who murders his wife in the hopes of marrying her younger sister.


Mon, 8/9/21 tix7:30 PM
Mon, 9/13/21 tix7:30 PM
Mon, 10/11/21 tix7:30 PM
Mon, 11/8/21 tix7:30 PM
Admission is $10.