Re-imagined radio

What is Re-Imagined Radio?
Re-Imagined Radio experiments with radio drama as live public and performance art. Performances of classic and contemporary radio dramas feature community voice actors, sound artists, and sometimes the audience. In non-Covid times, with a live audience, each performance is conceptualized as engaging, immersive use of the radio medium. The audience can enjoy concessions, and participate via social media. The result: storytelling as never before seen, or heard. We’re having to make some concessions for this next show, but hope to be back live on stage soon!

Next up Re-Imagined Radio  presents “Affairs of the Heart” which offers three short dramatizations of the travails we endure, the stories we tell ourselves, the results we never expect when dealing with love. PLUS, singing by Lonesome Gal that will break your heart, with happiness.

Listen in on February 11, 2021, at 12 noon until 1pm. You can find it on:

KXRW FM, Vancouver, WA, tune radio to 99.9FM
KXRY FM, Portland, OR, (aka XRAY), tune radio to 91.1FM or 107.1FM
AM 1310, Portland, OR, tune radio to 1310 AM

Visit Re-Imagined Radio’s website for more info!

Did you miss November 25th’s show “THE SKYJACKER”?  You can now hear it on Re-Imagined Radio ‘s website whenever you’d like!

Did you miss December 24th’s show “A RADIO CHRISTMAS CAROL”?  You can now hear it on Re-Imagined Radio ‘s website whenever you’d like!