Re-imagined radio

What is Re-Imagined Radio?
Start with a 1936 theatre. Re-enact historic radio dramas complete with voice actors and Foley sound artists. Garnish with digital SFX, music, and visual backdrops. Overlay student digital interpretations of the base narrative. Invite a live audience to watch, eat popcorn, and participate via social media. The result: Re-Imagined Radio‚ÄĒstorytelling as never before heard, or seen.
Next up on April 17th – SCI-FI, SCI-FACTS ON THE RADIO
Two short acts of radio drama, performed live by voice actors. Each act is based on a science fiction radio drama and serves to introduce a WSU scientist who will then talk about the scientific facts surrounding the topic introduced in each act. Science Fiction, Science Fact, on the radio.
Featuring Dr. John Harkness and Dr. Marc Kramer.
Advance tickets $9, day of show $10.