Re-imagined radio

What is Re-Imagined Radio?
Start with a 1936 theatre. Re-enact historic radio dramas complete with voice actors and Foley sound artists. Garnish with digital SFX, music, and visual backdrops. Overlay student digital interpretations of the base narrative. Invite a live audience to watch, eat popcorn, and participate via social media. The result: Re-Imagined Radio—storytelling as never before heard, or seen.


Join us for our final show of the season!
A Radio Christmas Carol is adapted from the 1938 radio broadcast by The Mercury Theatre on the Air, narrated by Orson Welles. That performance was itself inspired by the Charles Dickens novella, A Christmas Carol, first published in 1843, and never out of print since. This popularity and the spirit of the story are appropriate to the holiday season. The message of this live re-imagined performance—humanity far outweighs riches—is timely as we contemplate the changes and uncertainties ahead of us, as a culture, a community, a country. Join us for this holiday classic. Food donations for those less fortunate appreciated.


Thursday, 12/20/18 7:00 PM

Click on showtimes above for general admission ticketing. Advance tickets $8, day of show $12.