Denton Delinquents


We are The Denton Delinquents and we are here to thrill you, chill you and fulfill you!!

We are a shadow cast who have been performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Kiggins Theatre, in Vancouver, Washington since May 2013!

If you haven’t seen us then you are surely in for a treat!

You can find out more about us and meet the cast at our website.

Some reactions to our show:
“This sense of camaraderie oozes out onto the stage and into the audience during their performance which attributes to the whole safe and welcoming atmosphere.” –Rikki (2014)
“I can honestly say you guys are the highlight of my month.” – Mason (2013)
“You guys were epic last night! Definitely an experience I will never forget! Awesomeness!” – Andrea (2013)