VSO Chamber Music at the Kiggins

VSO 2018-2019

This series was co-created by Dr. Michael C. Liu, the VSO pianist and board member, and Dr. Igor Shakhman, VSO Executive Director and Principal Clarinet, to present great musicians playing in a very intimate setting. The content of each concert is unique, and most of the participating musicians are members of The Vancouver Symphony.


The Vancouver Symphony’s Chamber Music Series continues its 2018-2019 season at the Kiggins Theatre with two silent comedies, the 1918 short film, “Bell Boy” and the 1919 film “The Oyster Princess” on Sunday, November 18th at 3:00 PM.
Short films “The Oyster Princess” and “Bell Boy” come to the Kiggins screen with a compiled score by music arranger and pianist Rodney Saur, featuring four members of The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Sauer, on piano, joins Eva Richey; violin, Logan Brown; trumpet, Dieter Ratzlaf; cello and Igor Shakhman; clarinet in the quartet accompanying the classic silent film.
The two-reel film “Bell Boy”, lasting just over 30 minutes, will feature Rodney Sauer in an improvisational piano score. The four VSO players will join in for the 60-minute German film “The Oyster Princess” with difficult and unique music.