California-based journalist and author Joshua Frank joins the film team for a screening of “Atomic Bamboozle: The False Promise of a Nuclear Renaissance,” a new documentary that follows anti-nuclear activists, tribal leaders, scientists and attorneys as they draw lessons from the decades-long campaign to shut down the Trojan Nuclear Power plant in Oregon and extend those lessons into a new struggle to stop small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) from being built in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere in the country. The film revisits the legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and exposes the true costs of SMR designs that have been aggressively promoted by the US Department of Energy and the nuclear industry in response to the climate crisis. Frank introduces the film and discusses his new book, "Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America" (2022). Screening with the short film "Portrait 2: Trojan," directed by Vanessa Renwick. Panel participants: Cathryn Chudy, Board Director, Oregon Conservancy Foundation, retired mental health clinician and activist with the Sierra Club's Loo Wit Beyond Fossil Fuels Task Force and the SW WA Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE) in Vancouver. Jan Haaken, “Atomic Bamboozle” director, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Portland State University, a clinical psychologist, and documentary filmmaker Desiree Hellegers, Professor of English and Director of Collective for Social and Environmental Justice at Washington State University Vancouver Lloyd Marbet, Executive Director of Oregon Conservancy Foundation and longtime anti-nuclear activist Dan Meek, public interest attorney in Portland who has represented electricity ratepayers, public interest groups, and energy conservation. Former legal advisor to Don't Waste Oregon. Moderated by Dr. Patricia Kullberg, former Medical Director of Multnomah County Health Department and member of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility The event is sponsored by Sierra Club Loo Wit Group. PT2HNR2023-06-08T00:00:00+00:00ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE: THE FALSE PROMISE OF A NUCLEAR RENAISSANCE"ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE: THE FALSE PROMISE OF A NUCLEAR RENAISSANCE"


June 7, 7:00 pm