Columbia Play Project presents Wiggles & Giggles returns to the Kiggins in 2024 with an exciting lineup of live shows! LEAPIN' LOUIE will join us on March 16th at 10:30am! Leapin’ Louie uses circus, cowboy tricks, a six foot unicycle, and lots of comedy to explore all those wild critters, including us, who fly. In 400 million years five amazing groups of animals developed flight: Insects, pterosaurs, birds, bats and finally —humans. Only 66 years after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, —we landed on the moon. We’re moving so fast! Can we leave enough room for our amazing wild ecosystems as we jet into the future? Leapin’ Louie is a master of physical comedy, trick roping, whip cracking, and juggling. He has performed one-person Leapin’ Louie shows in 35 different countries around the world, including many tours in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Locally you may have seen him at the White Album Christmas or the Rose Festival Artslandia stage. Leapin’ Louie has decided to turn his comedy and cowboy circus skills towards the celebration of the wild diversity of animals on this beautiful planet. It’s weird and fun. “Lichtenstein, a multitalented performer, has to be seen to be believed.”
--Portland Oregonian $10 per person (2 and under free)! Sponsored by Middleton & Company. kids showPT1H2024-03-16WIGGLES & GIGGLES PRESENTS LEAPIN' LOUIE"WIGGLES & GIGGLES PRESENTS LEAPIN' LOUIE"


March 16, 10:30 am