Among Wolves is an cinematic and surprisingly intimate observational documentary about those who struggle to heal long after war’s end. When war correspondents move on to their next conflict, a more personal battle is just beginning for those left behind. Nearly 20 years after their brutal civil war, Bosnia and Herzegovina still struggles to overcome the economic depression and personal hardships left in the wake of the war. Fortunately for the small mountain town of Livno, an unorthodox leader has emerged, giving struggling veterans and their community an unlikely path to healing.
A paramilitary leader at the young age of 20, Lija helped defend the town while neighbors fell to the invading forces. Now he heads the Wolves, a multi-ethnic motorcycle club that resembles the stereotype in rough image only. Under his leadership, this wild crew has become a positive force for good with a self-defined humanitarian focus. As their numbers grow, so do their successes, like holding charity events for the neediest in their community and securing badly needed supplies for hospitals in Livno and Srebrenica.
One mission, though, rich in symbolism, captures their spirit more than any other. On what was once the front line, they now tend to and defend a herd of wild horses that society has similarly deemed expendable. Stirred by their strength, the Wolves are determined to control their own fate and finally emerge from the shadow of war.
NW Premiere! Director/Producer/DP Shawn Convey will be attendance along with composer Joshua Convey and additional guests.


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