Autonomy is a follow up to a Car and Driver editorial feature, “Auto-No-Mo’-Us: Addressing the Totality of the Driverless Car,” guest edited by Malcolm Gladwell.  The documentary guides audiences on a fascinating journey exploring the human side of automated car technology and the potential impact it could have on every day people.
Autonomy investigates how driverless cars could change mobility for the disabled, agriculture, technology and the economy, while it also poses the question, “Are we willing to put our lives in the hands of a machine?”
The Verge said “There isn’t a better example of technology as a vehicle for progress than a project like Autonomy, where an industry known for monetizing our attention and selling us iterative screens is realigning itself toward actually changing the world.
“Most of us haven’t begun to consider the massive, world-changing implications of automated vehicles, but passions around them run high,” said Alex Horwitz, director and executive producer. “We’re either irrationally afraid of them or over-eager to get in one. I made Autonomy for tech skeptics and devotees alike, and hope that it will spark an informed conversation about what we want our future to look like.”


Day of show tickets $10. Advance tickets $7.