To the living, let now the dead come alive. Welcome to a show about death!

Meet Adam and Barbara Maitland. Happily married to each other, no kids, living in their dream home, till death do you part. But when death comes a calling, they remain trapped together in limbo in beloved earthly home.

Meet the Deetz family. Exhausted New York real estate mogul Charles  buys the vacant Maitland home in rural Pennsylvania. His wife Delia, an eccentric modern artist sees the home as a canvas for creative expression, while Charles’ daughter Lydia quietly struggles to adapt.

With Delia’s bold modern decorating choices offending Barbara’s traditional country preferences, the Maitlands question how to chase the Deetz out. With no help from their bureaucratic Afterlife caseworker Juno, and failed attempts to spook Charles and Lydia, Adam and Barbara seek the help of the Afterlife’s leading freelance bio-exorcist. What’s his name? Well, he can’t tell you. But in order to summon him, you need to say it three times.

Enter Beetlejuice, the rude, disgusting, manic-depressive ghost with the most. Or ghoul? Or maybe demon? A spirit whose effective haunting techniques are far beyond what Adam and Barbara had in mind. He sees an opportunity in Lydia that could spell danger for everyone in the home, living or dead.

Live it to the fullest on April 23rd as our ROCKY HORROR cast the Denton Delinquentst transform the Kiggins into something right out of the mind of the film’s director Tim Burton, bringing the 2D afterlife to 3D life, performing right along with the movie while it plays!

Say it once…Say it twice…Third times a charm…BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE!

Please note: This movie was rated PG back in the 80s when two F-Bombs didn’t guarantee you an R rating! Parental discretion advised.


Tickets are $12! Doors and pre-show at 8pm!

No cash refunds. Passes for future shows will be offered to those who bought advance tickets at Management’s discretion.