“You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by…”

Join us this Christmas for a special presentation of the war-time romance CASABLANCA back on our big screen!

Considered on of the greatest films of all time, Michael Curtiz’s CASABLANCA is the story of Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), a world-weary ex-freedom fighter who runs a nightclub in the desert city of Casablanca during the early part of WWII. Rick’s Café is the stopping point for refugees looking to purchase illicit letters of transport allowing them passage to escape to America.

One day, to Rick’s surprise, he is approached by the famed rebel Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) and his wife, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), Rick’s past love who deserted him when the Nazis invaded Paris. Will she escape with her husband or rekindle her love for Rick? Find out this Christmas!

“Nobody lights a torch like Ingrid Bergman’s Ilsa or carries one like Humphrey Bogart’s Rick.” – Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune


Day of show tickets $10. Advance tickets $7.