In 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland toured with the anti-war comedy troupe Free Theatre Associates across Southeast Asia. Their goal – to convince active duty soldiers to speak out against the war and the horrors they were experiencing. Despite being highly controversial, (F.T.A. has several meanings) it was a huge success among stationed soldiers.

The group, which also included Peter Boyle, Pamela Donegan, comedian Paul Mooney and folksinger Len Chandler, collectively protested the Vietnam War via humorous skits, sing-alongs, dramatic readings and first-person testimonials from a number of military veterans.

Out of circulation and difficult to see for decades, F.T.A. has now been fully restored by IndieCollect in 4K.

“FTA is an anti-war documentary that went missing shortly after its premiere in 1972. Now restored and available to the public, the film is an important record showing the strength of the American people’s opposition to the Vietnam War” – Jennifer Merin, About.com

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