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History on Tap is back!

Come raise a glass with Clark County Historical Museum and Kiggins Theatre as we explore the history of the Pacific Northwest! Now entering its fourth season, History on Tap looks at how the past influences our present and informs the future. It’s built on the premise that history didn’t end on some dusty date on the calendar but is a dynamic story where every person is an active participant.

April 21 – Pat Jollota: A Retrospective
CCHM is excited to open our 2022 History on Tap season with beloved local author and historian, Pat Jollota, to discuss her life and work. A lover of history, Jollota has since devoted her life to unearthing and preserving our community’s stories while continuing her passion for civic engagement and advocacy. She is also the author of 8 books exploring Clark County’s history – including her newest one, Haunted Vancouver, Washington (September 2020).

July 21 – American Democracy’s Indigenous Roots and Future
History books teach us that the Founding Fathers birthed American democracy, but do not reveal the Indigenous sources of inspiration that guided their vision. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy’s Great Law of Peace—uniting six Nations in an alliance that predates the American Constitution by centuries—served as a powerful example to men such as Benjamin Franklin, who benefited from the political guidance of Haudenosaunee leaders. Franklin directly cited the Law’s influence on the Constitution.

But even Franklin did not comprehend the political and spiritual power held by the clan mothers of these matriarchal societies, who were instrumental to building and maintaining a peaceful union. Join storyteller Fern Renville as she shares stories both mythic and personal that reframe and highlight the history, present, and future of Indigenous female power and leadership in America. Such stories include the Seneca story of The Peacemaker and the Dakota story of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The 2022 History on Tap season is brought to you by Business Over Beer. Special thanks to our sponsors Humanities Washington, Vancouver’s Downtown Association, and Mickler & Associates. Program support provided by Versa Events (formerly Wager Audio).


Thu, 7/21/22 tix7:00 PM
All seats $15 advance, $18 day of show.