NECESSITY PART II: Rails, Rivers and the Thin Green Line

Theatrical premiere! Filmmakers and special guests in attendance! Post film q&a!

Necessity Part II: Rails, Rivers and the Thin Green Line follows activists as they enlist the necessity defense in a jury trial after being arrested for a direct action at Zenith Energy in Portland, Oregon. This story of climate resistance in the Pacific Northwest brings into view a historical landscape of tribal leaders, Indigenous activists and white allies as they resist oil trains and trucks carrying their highly inflammable products through protected waterways and treaty lands. In following the path of oil-by-rail and oil resistance along the Columbia, the film revisits lessons of the New Deal era of building massive dams and what climate activists take from that era in thinking about a Green New Deal.


Sun, 1/9/22 tix2:00 PM
All seats $20. Day of show discounts available at the door.