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Anne Walberg (French icon Emmanuelle Devos) is a professional “nose” living in Paris. Once a master of creating exquisite perfumes, she has been since been forced to take jobs working for companies who want to give their spaces “olfactory atmosphere”.  Lost in her work, she comes across as a diva, and labeled as selfish and temperamental.

Guillaume (Grégory Montel) is a chauffeur and is in the middle of a contentious child custody battle. Prone to speaking without thinking, when he is assigned to take the prickly Anne on an overnight excursion, the two clash. Expecting to be fired when he returns, he is shocked to find that she has already requested him for her next journey. Desperate to keep his job so he can spend more time with his daughter, he accepts the assignment and the two form a unique partnership.

“A bit like a visit to the perfume department at Galeries Lafayette before a taxi ride on a rainy day in Paris.” – Leslie Felperin, Guardian


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