Ladies and Gentleman! Please do not panic!
There has been a breach in the the Vancouver quarantine barrier by the UN-DEAD!   And we need your help to contain (or spread) the outbreak!
Help (or hinder) the RHPS Delinquents as they attempt to survive the hilarious zom-rom-com SHAUN OF THE DEAD, the first in Edgar Wright’s famed Cornetto Trilogy! It will be a night filled with beer, comedy, trivia…and more beer!
Come dressed as one of the undead or plan to survive the night as Shaun or one of his friends! The Denton Delinquents Shadowcast actors bring this 2D cult classic onto the stage, into the audience, into your pint, and IN YOUR FACE!
Organize your team for a pre-show Pub Quiz hosted by Hurricane Liz! Take advantage of Kiggins drink and food specials to keep up with our drinking game during the film!
Shaun is unhappy with his uptight roommate, his dead end job, and his demanding girlfriend. So unhappy in fact, he doesn’t notice the obvious signs of infection in the world around as he walks to the market for a cola after Z Day. After disregarding the governments advice to barricade doors, Shaun decides to gather his entourage and go to the Pub and wait for everything to blow over. It’s not much of a plan, but It’s not like anyone has any better ideas.
Doors and Pub Quiz: 9pm
Movie approximately at 9:45pm
Tickets: $12
Undead and Survivors of all ages welcome! Which team will you be on?  #survivetheKiggins or #infecttheKiggins


The Denton Delinquents love our audience, Survivor and Infected. Please plan to drink responsibly and stay alive.
Please note: The Denton Delinquents LOVE it when our fans participate by dressing up and engage in the story! But for liability reasons, Survivors are ONLY allowed foam melee prop weapons. No metal, wood (including cricket bats, sorry), plastic, glass, pipe, PVC, or ANY range/thrown items, period!


All seats $12.